Zachary Self pleads no contest to stalking Lana Del Rey, sentenced to jail time

Zachary Self pleads no contest to stalking singer Lana Del Rey, sentenced to jail time

A man was sentenced to almost three months in prison after breaking into Lana Del Rey’s house this past year.

Zachary Self faces 84 days in jail after pleading no contest to stalking. Self was found by construction workers in #39 & Del Rey;s Malibu house in November 2015. He fled on the property but was tracked down by authorities after he left a court quotation for another burglary behind.

That burglary happened in Kansas and when cops looked Self up utilizing the name on the citation, they found images he’d posted on social media of himself on the balcony in the pop star's house.

Court records obtained by TMZ demonstrate that Self told authorities he became obsessed with Del Rey while below the influence of hallucinogens.

After his release from jail Self will be on probation until 2021 and must spend a year in a residential plan. He’s barred from going near Del Rey for ten years.

Self’s prison sentence is the newest in a record of troubling meetings Del Rey has had to survive with supporters in recent months. She yelled at her in public and got a restraining order against two Russian lovers she promises had endangered her.

Del Rey transferred house to avoid the supporters but that her new residence was soon found as well as the girls "restarted sleep outside her house and shouting her name at the center of the night." She later hired a full time bodyguard for protection.

Meanwhile, in December last year a guy was detained after allegedly stealing two of her autos.


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