View trailer for new movie ‘Hi, How Are You Daniel Johnston’

View trailer for new movie ‘Hi, How Are You Daniel Johnston’


Lana Del Rey has covered Daniel Johnston’s tune ‘Some Things Last A Long Time’ for an upcoming short film about the cult singer songwriter.

Titled Hi How Are You Daniel Johnston, the movie is based around “maturing musician coming to terms with the dreams of yesteryear” and will apparently feature “an intimate interview between Daniel and his younger self addressing his most prolific and maddening age”.

Director Gabriel Sunday includes: “What ensued during shooting was beyond anything our team might have hoped for. Daniel opened up and told narratives none of us had ever heard, but adopted and relished the thought of talking with his younger self, gifting cautions and guidance from the future. That became the anchor of our script.”

Lana Del Rey and Mac DeMarco were among supporters to vow to crowdfund the job back in 2013, with Del Rey now supplying music for its preview.

Observe under at the 1.02 mark.

Meanwhile, Lana Del Rey is considered to be working with songwriter Justin Parker, who formerly composed early hits ‘Video Games’, ‘Born To Die’ and ‘National Anthem’ with her, on new content.


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