Tinashe Expresses Her Views On Racism In The Music Industry

The youthful vocalist expresses her views on racism in the music business

TinaShe has spoken out in an interview about her perspectives regarding racism in the music business.

Speaking to xoNecole, Tinashe clarified that she believed there was only room for one black female musician in every music genre and that she fights to represent the black community.

"Individuals feel like there’s only room for one," she said. & quot;There’s a Beyonce, there’s a Rihanna, there’s Zendaya, there’s an Jourdan Dunn. There’s a black girl in all these locations and we don’t want another one."

She continued: "It’s absurd because there are like a hundred light-haired, white performers and leading ladies. There are a hundred rappers that all seem the same, basically seem the same and dress the same and no one cares. But for some reason, in regards to young women, they would like to compare them against each other. There can’t be room [for us ]. There can’t be five Black girls. It’s strange.”

The 22-year old vocalist followed these remarks with her view that "if a black girl is successful – whether she’s light skin, dark skin, or almost any shade in between, that ought to be a triumph for the black community, span."

In September the LA-based star released a teaser trailer for her upcoming second album "Joyride"

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