Rita Ora Admits First Relationship Was Crazy In Retrospect

She declares first relationship was "mad" in hindsight

Rita Ora has opened up about dating a guy who was 26 while she was only 14.

The vocalist and X Factor judge, who's now 24, talked about the relationship in an 2013 interview which has been discovered and printed in a brand new unauthorised biography. Douglas Wight and Jennifer Wiley's Popular Right Now was serialised in The Sun this weekend.

Discussing to Lifetime TV, Ora described the relationship. 'I was fourteen when I beganmy first relationship with a man," Ora said. "I 'd say (he was) about 26, and you must recall I hadn’t had a relationship before then at all."

"It’s child abuse, really, isn’t it?", Ora said about her first relationship. Nevertheless, Ora said the relationship made her feel "fantastic"  and denied the proposition that she was made to do anything against her will;. At one point, Ora said: “I was practically obsessed with having a guy feel like he needs me.”

Despite acknowledging the relationship today appears "mad", Ora denied that she endured anything she'd deem abuse. & Quot;I don’t wish to say that it was endured by me, since I needed it. I don’t wish to say that I was compelled to do it," she said. & quot;I don’t need individuals to believe that I was compelled to do it. I don’t need individuals to believe I was abused as a child but I was definitely more mature than I should have been at 14."

Before this year Ora appeared on Jimmy Kimmel's US chat show to do an Internet-themed novelty tune called "The Clickbait Tune".



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