Miley Cyrus sang ‘Super Freak’ as she became “Miley Cyrustein”

Seth Rogen, Jeff Goldblum and Haim additionally appeared at Hilarity for Charity fundraiser

Miley Cyrus sang 'Super Freak' as she became "Miley Cyrustein" for nighttime in a charity fundraiser yesterday evening.

Cyrus appeared at James Franco's Bar Mitzvah, a spoof Jewish coming of age ceremony for the Spring Breakers celebrity which was also a benefit for the Alzheimer's Association hosted by Humorous Or Perish.

Footage of Cyrus' performance may be viewed below. She appeared on a star studded bill that was helmed by James Franco's The Interview costar Seth Rogen. Billboad reports that at one period of the evening Jeff Goldblum seemed to give Franco, whose mom is Jewish, a mock circumcision.

Elsewhere at the lighthearted occasion, Haim led a conventional hora dance as they played Israeli folk song 'Hava Nagila'. Cyrus performed with house band The Super Jews and did Rick James 1981 hit Super Freak' while holding a tremendous star of David.

"Things will get a little silly"

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