Adele Raps, Sings Spice Girls With James Corden In Carpool Karaoke Watch

Adele Raps, Sings Spice Girls with James Corden in “Carpool Karaoke”: See

As a solo artist, Adele is peerless. In collaboration with James Corden, she’s priceless. !

The British star was a rather special guest on the Late Show as the pair shot the breeze, shed a drink, played with  air drums and obviously, handled some Adele hits. Everything occurred in the most recent episode of “Carpool Karaoke,” which aired on CBS.

Adele warmed up by downing a mug of unknown liquid as they embarked on a musical ride across a wet London (they shot the section when they were home for the vacations).

Corden got his motor running with a call to the award winning vocalist. His opening gambit: “Hello, it’s me. I was wondering if after all these years you’d ultimately like to meet. & Nbsp;From then on, it was smooth as the buddies belted out running Hello, Someone Like You, All I Ask, Rolling in the Deep  and a couple of surprises, including Spice Girls’  Wannabe.

Itis a lighthearted ride full of laughs as they chew the fat about drinking (“I got drunk three nights in a row lately,” Adele brags), Beyonce, hairdos and touring. Adele admitted she’s a drummer, to which Corden reacted with this boom tish: “I’ve always said, you're the female Phil Collins.”

The Londoner also discussed her ideas on the barnstorming hit that's 25, which has chalked up seven weeks at the top in the U.S. and U.K. charts. I would like my fans to come on like a journey with me, she said. One  of the motives  my records are named by me after my age too, they are polaroids of my own life in the time. & nbsp;And where will she quit? This is actually the final record after my age. I believe in trilogies. The next one will be Adele. & nbsp;

And then she tapped Nicki Minaj’s Monster.




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